5pcs/Set Stainless Steel Spatula

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  • 1. Feature: The palette knife is made of high-quality beech wood handles (nice wooden handles) and a flexible stainless steel blade. 
  • 2. Advantage: Different styles of palette knifes have been tested repeatedly by professionals. Not only are the handles smooth and beautiful and durable (very comfortable to hold, the edges of the knives not easy to be scratchy), but the blade tips also have good flexibility. When using pressure! To prevent loosening, there is a grommet that can be fixed to the bottom of the metal part where the blade meets the handle.
  • 3. Benifit / Styles: There are many combinations of different styles and different shapes, you can choose the combination that suits you according to your needs.
  • 4. Applications: This palette knife can be used for a variety of paintings and make a lot of painting effects. Different scrapers are used for different painting methods.