Ceramic Egg Separator

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  • Cartoon chicken shaped egg yolk and egg white separator, hand painted design, adds a touch of warmth to your kitchen and rejects the cold style! Kitchen to make your meals more comfortable. With such a lovely look, even as a gift for friends and family, it's sure to be a great gift for those who receive it! 
  • This product is made of ceramic, non-toxic, safe and healthy, the glaze is smooth, hard and sturdy.
  • The top of the separator has a serrated design, this is inspired by a newly hatched broken shell chick, easy to use to break the eggshell.
  • Easy separation of yolk and white, just pour the egg liquid into the separator and tilt the chick shaped separator, the egg white will flow out of the chick's mouth while the yolk stays inside the separator.
  • Easy to clean, the separator only needs to be rinsed with water, but of course it can be washed with detergent or even in the dishwasher.