Creative Kitchen Timer 60 Minutes

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  • Type: Timers; Appearance: As picture; Material: Plastic.
  • Feature: Compact Lightweight Easy to Carry Mechanical Timer Alarm; Function: Set time for noon break hour study hour hair dressing hour cooking
  • The best digital kitchen timer to meet your needs: Of course, most modern cookware have timers, but the numbers are usually small, the alarms are not so loud, and you can't move the timer to the next room to monitor it. The timer can count up and down, so it can be used as a stopwatch and countdown timer, very suitable for cooking food, homework, physical exercise, sports, games, overtime (for children), office and classroom timer activities.
  • Product function: It will sound when the time is up, providing a visualization of the remaining time. Rotate clockwise to the desired time. Ideal for a quiet environment. You can set the alarm sound model to be loud or low, 3 or 60 seconds.
  • The perfect gift for Mother's Day: This kitchen timer is the perfect gift for mom. This amazing kitchen timer makes her have a great day! Powerful magnetic back-For added convenience, this timer can be placed on any metal surface, such as refrigerators, refrigerators and microwave ovens. Most suitable for mothers, children, parents, teachers, office workers, professionals and students.